About Me….

I’m the lead pastor at Raleigh Christian Community. This is my personal blog. The focus of this blog is Christian living and pastoral leadership. My life’s mission is to be a catalyst for others to know and grow in Jesus Christ. This blog is my attempt to articulate what God is showing me in my failures and successes and to be an encouragement to those that might find this helpful.

Here’s a little about me:

I’m married to an incredible woman named Erin who is a gift from God. I have two boys, Ethan and Landon. They keep my hands full when I’m at home!

Personality Profile: ENFJ

ENFJs are people-focused individuals. They live in the world of people possibilities. More so than any other type, they have excellent people skills. They understand and care about people, and have a special talent for bringing out the best in others. ENFJ’s main interest in life is giving love, support, and a good time to other people. They are focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. They make things happen for people, and get their best personal satisfaction from this.

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