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3 Personal Obstacles in Worship

Posted: August 20, 2011 in worship

Have you ever been so exhausted when driving that at some point you’ve arrived at your destination without even the slightest memory of the drive. It can be a little scary and a wake up call that you were on autopilot and not really engaged.

In the same way we can be on autopilot in our worship to God.  Here are a few modes we can fall into that I’ve found to be obstacles to focused worship:

1. Concert Mode: This is when you go into observer mode and are letting worship be done “at you” like someone watching a concert instead of engaging with the content that’s directed toward Jesus. This can be especially difficult for musicians who begin to analyze every musical nuance.

2. People Watching Mode: Here we begin to watch other’s response in worship and we begin to move into judging them: “Why don’t they ever get into worship?” “That person always gets so emotional and over the top with their worship.” “I don’t think that person up there is really genuine.”

3. Let’s Get This Over With Mode: This is when we have a high value for the preaching of God’s Word and a low value for corporate acts of worship like singing together. People in this mindset can’t wait for corporate worship to be over so they can sit down and get to doing “real” church.

At one time or another we’ve all found ourselves in one of these modes. We’re all in desperate need of God’s grace and the direction of the Holy Spirit to focus us on making much of God in our worship instead of being distracted. Part of the sacrifice of praise we bring to Him with our lives is one that goes into worship with diligence to not let anything distract you.

What tends to distract you in worship?

>Pushing Through….

Posted: May 6, 2009 in emotions, Life, worship

>Two years ago I was at Fort Jackson, SC doing some training with some chaplains. One night in the pouring rain I was on a live fire course (where they were shooting real bullets over your head). I was crawling face down in sand, in the rain, with all my gear and armor plated vest….crawling for about 200 yards. At first when I came out of the trench I was pumped and excited and the adrenaline was flowing, but after about 50 yards my body caught up with my mind. Every part of my body was hurting (did I mention I had been up 32 hrs at this point?) I continued to push on for about another 100 yards and had another 50 to go when everything within me said, “I’m done”. My heart felt like it was going to explode….my muscles were cramped and I rolled over on my back and cried out to God (literally) as these loud artillery shells were going off. As I gave my situation over to God I rolled back over on my stomach and dug deep and pushed through the pain, as I did that a Sargent at the end begin to call my name and told me to keep pushing, to keep pushing through the pain, that I could make it. Bottom Line: We must push through our circumstances and emotions. Submit and Worship God despite how you “feel”. Secondly, Call out to those that our struggling. Tell them they can make it…be an encourager.

You heard Me,