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When I assess a leader or someone that desires to be in leadership, I always ask them what area do you need to grow in. If they can’t give me a clear answer I know right away that the person has a self-awareness issue. They’re blind to their weaknesses as a person. While a person might have some natural  talents and abilities you cannot continue to just run your leadership on these alone.

If you desire to grow in leadership you cannot continue to sit on your hands and wait for a “Super Ninja Mentor” to come ask you if he/she can mentor you. Take ownership of your own development. Here are 3 ways you can make some growth happen:

1. ASK: If you don’t know what areas you need to grow in; ask someone. Go to someone that has seen you in action and ask them to give you some feedback.

2. Grow through reading: This is a great way to have mentors at a distance with some of the best minds in the world.  (Side note: “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”)

3. Seek Out Mentorship: Grow through getting together with someone that’s farther along the journey then you are. Maybe take them to lunch or buy them coffee and ask for help. Good leaders want to invest in up and coming leaders like someone invested in them.

Go Grow,


>Over the last several years that I have worked with young adults a recurring theme seems to resound in my conversations with this wonderful generation. “I need someone I can learn about life from.” “I’d like someone that would meet with me and show me how to grow in all parts of my life: spiritually, in my career, my relationships.” “I need a mentor.”

I’m not at all surprised by the clamoring call for mentors spilling out of these hearts and minds. This generation is coming from broken and bruised families at a rate we can’t even begin to imagine. To former generations this generation seems outwardly aloof and unscathed by divorce, abuse and parental uninvolvement. Inwardly however, they are angry, hurting and wanting to know and be known by anyone they can have genuine connection with.

When they say they want a mentor they’re not talking just about someone to just disciple them spiritually. In a lot of ways they are looking for a life coach, needing direction for every area of their life: career, romantic and platonic relationships, conflict management….etc. I would say reparenting is needed, but I’m finding for many of them parenting wasn’t provided.

I cannot overstate the need here. The Church and society as a whole will be dramatically shaped by this generation in the coming years. Without this need for mentorship being addressed we will be left with a generation that fills in all the empty blanks with all the wrong answers. The church should and must rise to the occasion in being a lighthouse of relational mentorship to the Millennial generation if we are to see them be everything God desires them to be.

To young adults I would say your generation in turn needs to begin to seek out Christian mentors instead of waiting for someone or an organization to provide them. Maturity is becoming self-aware of your needs and the needs of others and responding appropriately. Pray, seek God, watch the lives of others you respect and approach them about being that mentor in your life.

Go Grow,