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>I have a friend that I recently caught up with after circumstances had taken us different directions. He’s one of those friends where conversation comes easy, we have the same humor, and we are in the exact same season of life. Friendship with him is EASY. There are others however that life propels me into their journey and it is not so easy. If I were to be honest there are some that I would rather not be around at all. But, there I am…..with them……torn between a lack of chemistry and the knowledge that God longs for me to push past my preferences and genuinely love them. Not the “I love you because God says I have to” but a love that comes from a reservoir that only Christ can provide. I don’t have to skip through the fields with everyone (picture it in slow motion), but I do need to ask God to help me love them genuinely and practically. Someone might be thinking this about me.