>Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Posted: December 27, 2010 in leadership, Legacy


“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Sir Isaac Newton

Just yesterday my family and I began a journey across the country to begin a new chapter of our lives in Raleigh, NC as we begin pastoring a wonderful church family at Raleigh Christian Community Church(http://www.rccchurch.org/).

Much of our trip on I-40 is actually the old Route 66 made famous in our country’s early car years. As I drove I reflected on the truth that most of I-40 was pioneered by men that first had a vision for Route 66. There were those that even laid the ground work for Route 66 in our nation’s earlier history that were willing to have the heart to “Go West.” I-40 (the present interstate) is the fruit of the vision, courage, endurance and tenacity of men that came before.

The church I now pastor was pioneered and led by such kind of men: Pastors Robert Spradley and Jim Kelly.

Any good that might come from my leadership as Pastor of RCC will come from Christ in me and the fact that as Sir Isaac Newton stated, “I stand on the shoulders of giants” such as these men that have come before me.

I wonder in your life have you taken the time to reflect on those that have come before you to sow seed that you now enjoy as harvest?

To God Be the Glory,
  1. >It is so inspiring to read about your new adventures in life. We are so happy for you guys. I cannot wait to see what GOd has in store for us.

  2. Greg Gerber says:

    >Nathan, I too followed Route 66 when I moved from Wisconsin to Arizona in August of 2009. One of the things that God pointed out to me was how the various alignments of the highway parallel God's call for our lives.Route 66 has been altered many times over the years and each new addition is referred to as an alignment. Travelers often see signs for the 1930's alignment or the 1945 alignment. It's the same road, but sometimes follows different paths. On some alignments I traveled, I was the only person on the road for miles.The Interstate highway represents the "world" with people traveling quickly toward a certain destination without really caring what's going on around them.Route 66 represents the Christian life. It involves taking a different path, slowing down, enjoying the journey and getting to know and serve people along the way — just as many of the small towns dotting Route 66 operate in taking care of neighbors and travelers.What struck me was the concept of God taking his people on a different alignment. Rather than following the main Route 66 that involves going with the pack or living up to certain expectations, God may guide us onto an entirely different path. In fact, we may be all alone on that alignment, but that is where God wants us. Perhaps he needs us to rest, or to heal or to spend some intimate time alone with him. We're technically on the same path, traveling the same route as our Christian brothers and sisters, but following an alignment for our lives that God has established.Greg Gerber

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