>Back To the Future…

Posted: June 17, 2009 in family, forward thinking, Future, Past

>I just walked out of a adoption dedication ceremony for a 13 yr old girl in our church. For her it was a long time coming, and a huge milestone for the family. Along with friends and family in the room there were several hopeful kids in foster care that are waiting to be adopted. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of pain for these kids that don’t have a Mom or Dad who will care for them or call them their own. As I prayed for the young lady that was being adopted I reminded her that she does not have to be solely defined by where she’s come from.

Maybe the family came from wasn’t the ideal family. Maybe choices you’ve made in the past seem to haunt your heart and mind still today. Can I tell you that your past is not bigger than God’s love for you. Know that God’s best for your life includes redefining who you are with His love, mercy and forgiveness. Bottom line: Where you are going is more important then where you’ve been.

Believe it,


  1. Shea says:

    >Fact: I am adopted. Fact: I am forever grateful Fact: I looked back – when feeling sad.Fiction: See Bottom line above – Explanation: This is the defining moment for this young girl. Her hopes and dreams will be realized now that she has found a family that has brought her into their family, their church family. For knowing the Lord is a thankful realization. When you look back at where you have been – you realize that you are not only grateful for your adopted parents, but realize you must never go back there, or create the situation for another child. Fact: Where you have been defines you and your life. GREAT POST!!! Shan Drab

  2. Nathan Rouse says:

    >THANK YOU for sharing that. AWESOME.

  3. dctalk007 says:

    >I have no idea how tough it must be to go through this whole process. I try to not take for granite my parents and family. Even through all the grief we give each other we would still stand up for each other in a fight and would make one incredible band of five brothers.

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