>Don’t Be That Person…

Posted: June 15, 2009 in communication, leadership, relationships

>Pet Peeve Alert: Those people that talk about themselves incessantly. Recently I had a chance to catch up with a friend from the past. It would have been a pleasant conversation had it not been for the fact that my friend talked the entire time and then shockingly had to go. There was a trite “how’s the family?”, but you could tell it was meaningless. You could tell there wasn’t a genuine desire to know how I or my family really was. I’ve been guilty at times of dominating conversations with stories. Here is a test: Next time you are sharing a story with someone and you are interrupted by something, see if people ask you to finish your thought. If they don’t, there’s your sign. Bottom line: It’s not just about asking the right questions in a conversation. It’s about genuinely wanting to know the answers. Don’t just talk to me…listen to me.

Hear me,


  1. Jason says:

    >OK, I'm hoping you aren't referring to us!!!!!oh dear, now i'm going over our conversation! lol

  2. Jason says:

    >…this is me, Jelynda, not Jason…

  3. Nathan Rouse says:

    >You guys have never been that way…

  4. dctalk007 says:

    >Good Idea, I like hearing stories. Since I've come back I've kinda felt that way that everyone wants to know how I've been. So i try to make sure that i catch up on whats going on in their life as well.

  5. PAIGE says:

    >oh how i have friends like that

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