>Worst Job of a Parent……

Posted: May 8, 2009 in Parenting

>”This is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you….”, “Really? Because it looks like my butt is the one getting spanked.” While there are varying ideas on disciplining out there, most parents agree that there is something within us that at times longs to not have to discipline our kids for several reasons:

1. Not wanting to feel rejected by our child
2. We Don’t want to be bothered with stopping what we are doing
3. There is an underlying frustration that what we have been doing isn’t working (not changing the behavior)
4. We’d rather the verbal threat work without having to act

The reasons are many…..but the issue is the same. When we avoid disciplining our children out of our own issues (time, annoyance, wanting to be the “Cool” parent, not knowing what to do) we deny them the basic boundaries of life. These boundaries provide the basic framework for their future behavior. After all scripture clearly says, “the Lord loves those he disciplines”. Loving and discipline are not mutually exclusive. If we love them we’ll make boundaries and hold them accountable. Bottom Line: Loving, direct discipline now means healthier relationships later.

Love Them Enough,


  1. >Great post. The video is funny too. But I am still going to kick my dog.

  2. dctalk007 says:

    >Keep the videos coming, This is so true with the parenting, I really don’t know how it feels but I know that there must be some boundaries with children otherwise they begin to believe that they can run all over people even later in life.

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