>It’s Not Going Away…..

Posted: April 29, 2009 in communication, leadership, relationships

>You are not going to want to do this. I promise you. If you can stop reading now, I’d encourage you to.

Ok….you asked for it.

What is the thing in the back of your mind that’s really nagging you? The thing you don’t want to think about or deal with.

Let’s look at it on two levels: relationships and career/tasks.

For instance in that relationship….the thing you need to address, but haven’t. Maybe there is an issue you need to bring up that you’ve tried to ignore. Maybe a flaw in your character that needs to be dealt with. Or something that’s been bothering you and just hasn’t seemed right but you haven’t wanted to rock the boat.

Maybe for you it has to do with your career or ministry. The thing that isn’t going well, but you continue to turn a blind eye to it. An underperforming teammate, a failing idea, something that is just not working.

Dr. Henry Cloud, author of the book Integrity, talks about the need for people to “embrace the negative”. The worst thing we can do is bury our head in the sand and hope for a change.

We live in a world where thinking positive is in vogue, but embracing the negative is not about thinking negatively. It is about being able to look the negative in the eye and face it head on to deal with proactively.

I’ve found that when I ignore the negative issues in my life whether they are in my relationships or ministry (workplace) that it doesn’t go well. At best I eventually look like an idiot and at worst I end up hurting myself and others deeply.

You will not move forward until you learn to deal with the negative.

I’m positive,


  1. [jay] p says:

    >I once saw a series of videos by a man (whom I can’t recall at this time) but the series was called “Trombone Player Wanted” and he echoes much of what you are saying…Even more good stuff…Now I have to go deal with a couple of things that I haven’t been wanting to deal with.

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